NASA sending R2D2-like robot to the International Space Station

An AI robot will soon be joining astronauts at the International Space Station.


NSFW    FLORIDA — An AI robot will be launched in a SpaceX rocket to join astronauts in the International Space Station, according to reports from NASA.

The spacecraft will be carrying supplies, food and water to the station, as well as a new crew member — an AI robot.

The robot is named CIMON — for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion — and has a diameter of 32 centimeters. It is also equipped with 14 fans so it can "float" and maneuver.

CIMON will be used to assist astronauts, answering their questions by displaying pictures and videos on its screen.

The AI robot is set to be deployed for three months in order to conduct several experiments. One trial will test if CIMON can help astronauts solve a rubik's cube.

This is the first time an AI based robot will interact will astronauts in space, reports Orlando Sentinel.
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