NASA says dimming of Tabby's Star likely caused by dust, not aliens

Since October 2015 KIC 8762852, aka the Tabby Star has had space buffs lit with speculation that it's an alien super science. Except, it's not.


NSFW    THE FINAL FRONTIER — New research from NASA may have solved one of the most prevalent astronomy puzzles in recent years.

Dyson spheres are theoretical cosmic megastructures. They envelop a planet with energy-absorbing technology which directs power to a central location.

Some astronomers previously theorized the dimming of Tabby's Star was caused by this. This star is located 1,280 light years from Earth.

New research using data from NASA's Spitzer and Swift space telescopes suggests the dimming is actually due to an dust cloud orbiting the star.

Known as circumstellar dust, NASA says these particles are not small enough to fly into space, but also not big enough to block light all the time on all wavelengths.
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