NASA's going back to Mars (via California)

Planet California is sending something pretty cool to Mars in May, 2018.


NSFW    VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, CALIFORNIA — California will play host to the first interplanetary launch from the U.S. west coast next month.

NASA will launch their insight mission to Mars from the Vandenberg Air Force in California on the morning of May 5, 2018. The higher it gets, the more visible it'll be to more of the state. NASA reckons 10 million Californians will be able to see it.

Protected by an aeroshell, the lander will travel for around 6 months to the red planet.
Once close to the atmosphere it'll begin a 6-minute descent around 80 miles from the Martian surface.

As it approaches the surfaces, the spacecraft will get rid of its heat shielding and deploy a parachute. Once there, the Insight lander will remain stationary and not move around. NASA will use to probe the Martian surface and analyze soil samples from deep inside the planet.
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