Mutant human-like creature found alive on a beach in China

Internet users started speculating about the monstrous find's true nature.


NSFW    CHINA — In recently released footage that has quickly gained popularity online, some people in China are seen finding an odd creature at the beach.

People who were strolling by the sea stumbled upon the unidentified object floating along the shore.

At first they were scared and did not want to approach the spongy body, but a man eventually picked it up to take a picture. The humanoid creature, which seems to possess a head and limbs, started moving the likeness of its feet.

Footage of the find soon gained popularity online. Internet users started speculating about the monstrous thing's true nature. Some viewers suggested it could be come kind of mutated sea sponge or a new species of starfish.

Most people remained skeptical and expressed doubts about the veracity of the footage.

According to the YouTube channel that first published the footage, acclaimed cryptozoologist Karl Shuker asserted it was likely a mass of sponge.
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