Murderer escapes Oklahoma jail by posing as his cellmate

The police are searching for a convicted murderer who escaped jail by pretending to be his cellmate.


NSFW    STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA — Police in Oklahoma are searching for a fugitive who managed to escape jail by posing as his cellmate.

Officials are describing Patrick Walker as a "violent individual" and are advising the public to call 911 if you run into him.

Walker was able impersonate his cellmate Charles Pendarvis by stealing his ID card and posing as Pendarvis, ABC News reports.

He had a person post bond for Pendarvis and responded as him when the jailer
called his name.

Walker apparently signed his own name on the bail forms. By the time the bondsperson caught it, Walker had already vanished.

The police say Walker could still be using the cellmate's identity and are describing him as 5-feet-7 with brown eyes with a scare on the left side of his face.
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