Multiple Cobra sightings in Taipei

Two venomous cobras were spotted by spectators at popular tourist locations recently in Taipei city.


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TAIPEI — The Taiwanese cobra has been spotted twice this week by locals who were just trying to get some sightseeing done.

The venomous snake was first sighted on a hiking trail in central Taiwan, Taiwan News reports.

In a video posted by the Taichung City Tourism Bureau, the cobra was seen waiting right by a tourism marker.

As soon as the cameraman tries to get closer to it, the snake immediately turns its head and stares menacingly at him.

A warning was posted along with the video, urging the public to "watch out for snakes in tall grass."

A second cobra was spotted just days later near a swimming pool in a park in Taipei.

Observers were quick to share photos of the snake on Taiwanese online messaging board PTT.

The sudden increase of venomous cobras around the city may be due to the recent hot weather, according to Taiwan's Tourism Bureau.
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