Mt. Everest is turning into a big open toilet and garbage dump

Officials say there are probably around 17,000 pounds of poop on Mt. Everest from this season alone.


NSFW    KATHMANDU, NEPAL — Mount Everest has turned into a massive open toilet littered with garbage after a record number of rich douchey climbers visited the world's highest mountain this season.
According to the Associated Press, at the top of the world, one can find depleted oxygen cylinders, food wrappers, rope and other junk scattered all over.
A Nepalese government cleanup crew is now tasked with clearing everything from abandoned tents to a literal boatload of butt loads from an estimated 700 climbers, guides and porters.
The AP reports that exhausted climbers struggling with the altitude and battling nausea often leave the heavy tents behind rather than carry them down.

An estimated 30 tents have been left Everest's highest campsite—Camp 4—and as much as 11,000 pounds of trash.
But apparently the biggest threat to Everest now is the nearly 17,000 pounds of Number Twos dropped this season at Camp 2, which is two levels higher than Base Camp.
And because some climbers don't use makeshift toilets, and instead just dig a hole in the snow, as temperatures rise, that waste gets then washed down to Base Camp where people use melted snow for drinking water—Ewww.
Mountaineering groups have been pushing the Nepalese government to come up with regulations on how to properly dispose of human waste.
Some climbers use biodegradable bags that have enzymes that break down the doo doo, but those are expensive and have to be imported from the States.
In the meantime? Maybe just make all those rich climbers carry their own crap—all of it.
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