Motorway shooter arrested in Germany after five year hunt


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A gunman who terrorised German highways for five years by shooting from his lorry at vehicles driving in the opposite direction was arrested on Sunday.

According to the Local, since 2008, police have received more than 700 reports of shots being fired at lorries and cars by a mysterious gunman. In 2009 he shot and injured a woman in the throat while she was driving on a motorway near Würzburg. While another woman was seriously injured when her car crashed against a crash barrier after being shot at. In another accident, a lorry driver was shot near Stuttgart. The shooter’s favorite targets, however, were new cars in transit on the back of lorries, the Local reported.

As part of the investigation, the German Federal Criminal Police set up devices all over the country to register number plates. After a new case was reported, police compared hundreds of plates of vehicles on the road with mobile phone data in the area until they managed to narrow down the search to one suspect. The gunman was arrested in the Eifel region in western Germany. After admitting the crime, he showed police his arsenal of weapons.
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