Mother of mortally wounded Michigan man, ignored in shocking video, speaks out


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The mother of a Michigan man seen being stepped over in a disturbing video is speaking out now after the trial for the man who shot him is over.

Jheryl Wright stopped at a Kalamazoo, Michigan convenience store to get some snacks in the early morning hours of September 20, 2012. There, he was gunned down by a man later identified as Clarence Ross, who then fled the scene.

What happened next was appalling. Other customers and even the clerk totally ignored Wright, who ended up sprawled in the doorway bleeding to death. A full five minutes passed before someone calls 911.

Wright's mother, Jakel Wright, has only been told about the video, which she says she can't stomach watching.

After the crime Ross fled to Atlanta, where he was caught after five months on the run. He was convicted last week for the murder and will be sentenced on January 13.
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