Morons behind 'Traveling Butts' Instagram arrested in Thailand

Americans busted in Thailand for being stupid.


NSFW    You Idiot!

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Two American tourists were busted by Thai authorities after taking photos of their behinds in front of a sacred Buddhist temple.
Joseph and Travis Dasilva posted full moon snaps at the Wat Arun temple to their Instagram account "Traveling Butts". For some reason, the account is now deleted.

These two buttheads had the creativity to take pictures of their rear ends at tourist spots around the world. They had more than 14,000 people dumb enough to follow them.

Unfortunately, their trip has now been tainted after being arrested Tuesday night at a Bangkok airport and face public indecency charges.
Beavis and Butthead caused quite the uproar after their photos were shared widely online, which led to a police investigation.
The couple thought they could slip through the crack, but ended up landing right in it instead.
The two each had to pay a $150 fine and have been handed over to immigration.

Officials are now deciding if Moons over My Hammies will be busted under Thailand's computer crimes act which carries a punishment of up to five years behind bars.
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