Moose falls into Idaho family home then craps everywhere

Moose falls into Idaho family home then craps everywhere


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HAILEY, IDAHO — A Idaho family home have quite the a-moosing tale to tell after a moose came crashing into their lives over the weekend.

On Sunday Jan. 30, the moose was reportedly walking along when it fell down a 3-foot deep window well and into the family’s basement. The family created a makeshift barrier with mattresses and sofa to keep the animal contained.

The beast remained calm throughout the ordeal, Lt. Steve England of Hailey police department East Idaho News. The moose was there for about two hours until the cops arrived.

According to a post detailing the incident on the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, officers tried to lead her out, but she charged at them several times. So they wound up knocking her out with a tranquilizer, and then took her outside where she woke up a little confused, but free.

Authorities suspect recent snow in the area pushed the moose, as well as other animals, closer to towns and homes.
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