Monkeys invade poultry farm and killed 50 Chickens


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

A poultry farm was invaded by a group of monkeys that killed 50 chickens in Yilan County, Taiwan.

The owner of the farm believes that the monkeys were upset by fences he set around the farm to keep out stray dogs. He thinks the monkeys, who regularly stole poultry feed from the farm, attacked in the chickens in revenge.

The monkeys are still hanging around the farm and do not seem likely to leave. The farmer has decided to set up electric fences to defend his farm. The Yilan County government will also provide him with monkey traps.

Animal specialists said monkeys do not attack humans unless they are being attacked first. They believe that the monkey invasion of the farm might have been enough to shock the chickens to death.

A veteran said the only way to prevent this kind of monkey disaster is to conduct TNR (trap-neuter-return) tactics on the monkeys.
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