Money launderer busted with $400,000 in washing machine

Looks like the suspect took money laundering a bit too literally.


NSFW    AMSTERDAM — Dutch authorities found about $400,000 stuffed into the drum of a washing machine last week during the arrest of a suspected money launderer.
According to CNN, Dutch po po arrested the man last Monday while checking for unregistered residents in western Amsterdam.
Looks like police records listed the home the suspect was found in as having no residents, but when authorities did a search of the home, they discovered the cash stashed in the washing machine.

The police also found several cell phones, a gun and a money-counting machine during the raid.
The identity of the 24-year-old suspect has not been made public.

A photo released by the police shows bundles of €20 and €50 packed inside the washing machine.
According to police, the raid was apparently part of an investigation into housing fraud, money laundering and other forms of crime.
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