Mom who posed with bees for maternity shoot suffers stillbirth

A woman who previously posed for a maternity photo shoot with 20,000 bees has revealed on a Facebook post that she lost her child.


NSFW    AKRON, OHIO — An Ohio woman who went viral for her unique maternity shoot has suffered a heartbreaking tragedy.

Last August, beekeeper Emily Mueller celebrated her pregnancy by posing with 20,000 live bees on her baby bump.

But according to a recent Facebook page, the mom of three realized days before her due date that her baby had not been moving around. Her contractions also felt strange and different.

Feeling uneasy, Mueller and her husband went to the hospital, where an ultrasound revealed that the baby had no heartbeat and had passed on.

Mueller delivered her stillborn son the next day, naming him Emersyn Jacob.

She decided to send the placenta for testing to hopefully find out what went wrong, but strongly suspects that the baby died from a blood clotting issue that has previously caused miscarriages in her family.

A small device called a Cuddle Cot allowed the Muellers to spend more time with their little beekeeper before finally saying goodbye.
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