Mom throws 7-year-old fast food feast for birthday party

Happy birthday, darling. Here, have some diabetes.


NSFW    RATANA, NEW ZEALAND — A New Zealand mom is getting flack from concerned parents after she posted a photo of a cholesterol-filled banquet she threw for her daughter's seven-year-old birthday bash on a Facebook group.

What was included in this nutrition-packed spread? Well, according to the Mirror, there were six buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, 10 pizzas, 20 McDonald's cheeseburgers as well as soda pops and candy. I can feel my cholesterol levels rising just by saying it.

Now the Kiwi mom acknowledged in the post that this was, in fact, not a healthy diet. Perhaps hoping that netizens would appreciate her self-awareness. Not quite.

One user commented, 'Happy birthday, we got you a heart attack.' Another was more critical, writing, 'New Zealand has a massive obesity problem and this is not helping. No seven year old needs food like this.' Yikes.

Not everyone was up in arms over the fatty meal, some of them felt people were overreacting, writing, 'Some of you need to chill. I mean, it's one day? Not every single day of their entire lives.'

Isn't junk food what kids usually eat during birthday parties, though? I mean, how many parties have you seen happening in McDonald's Playplace? Last time we checked, they don't have vegan Buddha Bowls on the kid's menu.
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