Mom loses most of her limbs after hospital ignored signs of sepsis

A British woman is taking legal action against a hospital in Luton after they misdiagnosed a condition that led to nearly all her limbs getting amputated.


NSFW    LUTON, UNITED KINGDOM — A British woman has lost nearly all of her limbs, all because of one hospital's medical blunder.

SWNS reports that on Christmas Day 2014, Magdalena Malec had to get surgery at Luton & Dunstable University Hospital after discovering she'd suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

While in recovery, the she developed a high fever and rashes on her legs - both classic signs of sepsis that doctors then misdiagnosed as an allergic reaction.

Her condition led to kidney damage and septic shock. But while the kidneys were saved with dialysis and a transplant, her gangrenous limbs were too far gone.

After waiting an agonizing six months, Malec's decaying legs, right arm, and left fingers were finally amputated.

Sadly, her relationship with her partner broke down during the trying ordeal, and she has had to cope with the disability on her own. She currently relies on a bionic hand and prosthetic legs to help her with basic everyday tasks.

The hospital has since apologized and admitted their mistake, but Malec is hell bent on taking legal action against them, if only to prevent more negligence in the future.
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