Mom defends son from blackmailing gangster, breaks gangster's leg

Her son was being bullied by a gangster who was making death threats, so she took matters into her own hands.


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HSINCHU, TAIWAN - Mothers have a die hard instinct to protect their children and the instinct doesn’t ever go away, no matter how old your kids get, particularly if you’re a “tiger mom”.

In Taiwan, police were called to break up a fight. Upon arriving they discovered that it was a mother who’d beat up a gangster so badly she’d broken his leg.

As 50 year old Mrs. Liu explained it, her son had gotten involved with the wrong people and lent a couple, identified by their last name Cai, some money years back. The couple continually demanded more money from her son and even threatened to send the gang over to beat up his parents and vandalize their home if he didn’t pay up.

So believing he was protecting his parents, the son handed over nearly USD $60,000. When their golden goose ran out of money, the couple began beating him up regularly.

Unfortunately, this morning they made the mistake of doing it in sight of his mom. Mrs. Liu saw Mr. Cai hitting her son, grabbed a golf club, and rushed outside to defend her son. She beat Mr. Cai so badly she broke his leg and if police hadn’t stopped her she’d probably have broken more.

Mr. Cai is suing the elderly Mrs. Liu for assault and Mrs. Liu is suing him and his wife for death threats. Hopefully, the courts can sort it out and from now on no more bones get broken.
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