Mobile phones seven times dirtier than a toilet seat

A scan on a toilet seat that lights up germs revealed 220 bright spots. A smartphone? 1,479.


NSFW    UK — According to The Daily Mail, smartphones are home to seven times the amount of bacteria found in toilet seats.

Initial Washroom Hygiene — a company dedicated to health and safety — took samples of bacteria from 50 smartphones using a special device that detects and lights up germs on surfaces.

The findings were, well, disgusting. A scan on a toilet seat revealed 220 bright spots. A smartphone? 1479.

Phones with leather cases which are often used as wallets showed the highest count of bacteria — almost 17 times more germs and bacteria than an average toilet seat.

British consumer goods company, Which?, carried out a similar study back in 2013, their results were also shocking. The company took samples from 90 devices among them tablets, phones and office keyboards. The dirtiest tablet showed 600 units of Staphylococcus aureus per swab, a bacteria that can cause a range of diseases.

Here are some words of advice: Stop sharing your phone and stop taking it to the throne.

And if you will engage in dangerous smartphone activities, do yourself a favor and clean your buddy every once in a while.
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