Mitsubishi subsidiaries faked product data

Japanese firm Mitsubishi has admitted that at least two of its subsidiaries falsified data on product specifications.


NSFW    TOKYO — Shares of Japanese firm Mitsubishi are dropping after the company admitted to fudging product data.

Mitsubishi Materials admitted on Thursday that two of its subsidiaries had falsified product data to match specifications set by clients, according to the Japan Times.

Mitsubishi Cable Industries altered data on its O-ring sealing products, affecting 270 million units sold over a two and a half year period to firms that include aircraft and car makers.

Specs on metal products for car and electronic components were also misrepresented by Mitsubishi Shindoh, with least 29 companies believed to have bought the parts between October 2016 and 2017.

So far, none of the products have been caused safety problems. Reports claim one other unit had supplied products with falsified information, though these have already been confirmed safe to use.

The Mitsubishi scandal is the latest blow to Japan's once-prestigious manufacturing industry, which has been rocked by multiple controversies this year from companies like Kobe Steel, Nissan, Subaru, Toshiba, and Takata.
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