Mini pig craze leads to growing number of pigs at shelters

Animal shelters are getting overrun with once-mini pigs thanks to irresponsible pet owners.


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LOS LUNAS, NEW MEXICO — KRQE reports that animal rescues and shelters are seeing an influx of abandoned pet pigs, who are advertised as mini, but don't really stay that way for long.

This is reportedly due to the so-called 'mini pig craze' that's become all the rage the last few years, after celebs like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus got them as pets.

The only problem is that there's no such thing as mini, teacup, micro, or pocket pigs. It's all just false advertising, according to Betheny Foster of New Mexico's Hippie Pig Sanctuary.

Those cute little oinkers may be small enough to fit a teacup now, but like all piglets, they will eventually grow up to be full-sized pigs. The only way to keep them small, according to Foster, is to starve them.

According to KSNV, the pigs grow up to about 150 to 200 pounds, and are often abandoned by their misinformed owners once they become too big to handle.

The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas says most of the ones they get are strays that are brought in by animal control.

While pigs are intelligent animals and can make really great companions, people really ought to be doing homework to know what they're getting themselves into.

Shelters do adopt out pigs, but most put adoptees through a lengthy process to make sure little porky goes to a good home, and not end up as bacon or pork chops.
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