Millions of Chinese are falling in love with a Microsoft chatbot

The bot, named Xiaoice, is no mere Siri clone. Some 89 million people have already told it, “I love you.”


NSFW    BEIJING, CHINA — A text based chatbot has already made more friends than you ever will. And many of them have told it: “I love you.”

According to the description on Microsoft’s Bing Blogs, XiaoIce, which translates as “Little Ice” in Chinese, was developed by Microsoft's Xiaoice artificial intelligence project. It’s mainly targeted toward users on Chinese blogging site Weibo.

Currently only available in China, Xiaoice is not a mere Siri clone. It can also act like a friend whenever you feel lonely or just need someone to talk to. Like ‎Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the movie Her, some users have spent so much time with Xiaoice they’ve fallen in love with it. 89 million people have already told Xiaoice that they love it.

Essentially, Xiaoice can with the users in a broad range of topics, from the simple chit-chat, to the flirty stuff, or even the naughty, but she will mostly censor it. However, if the user tries to talk about recent historical events such as the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, Xiaoice will choose not to talk about it.
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