Mile-high harassment: Russian executive accused of being a pervert, touching student's private parts on plane

Ovchinnikov Vladimir, a 50-year-old businessman allegedly sexually harassed a Taiwanese college student on plane.


NSFW    Ovchinnikov Vladimir no doubt demonstrated a fair bit of focus and restraint in his ascent to become the respected director of a Russian energy company, but the 50-year-old businessman apparently couldn’t keep his hands to himself during a February flight to Hong Kong, on which he allegedly sexually harassed a Taiwanese college student.

The student, who studies Russian in Moscow, alleges Vladimir started to drink a bottle of whiskey he had brought onto the plane right after boarding.

Although he was told by a flight attendant to put the bottle away, he ignored the request, and kept on drinking.

The pair reportedly chatted for an hour in Russian, before Vladimir poured the student a shot of whiskey and prodded her to down it. He next offered her a tube of lipstick, citing Russian tradition, and insisted she take it.

But the real harassment began when the suspect allegedly put a blanket on the young girl’s lap and coaxed her into going to sleep.

He next held her hands, hugged her tightly and started touching her private parts. The student attempted to resist physically as well as verbally, but the man allegedly then leaned his head onto her shoulder, touched her breasts, and tried to unhook her bra.

By this point, the student pressed the service bell to seek help from flight attendants, who changed their seats and informed authorities.

Vladimir was taken into custody upon arrival in Hong Kong and has since denied the allegations. He’s expected to stand trial on Friday.
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