Michelle Obama posterizes Wade with assist from LeBron James


NSFW    What the Foul?

Michelle Obama and the Miami Heat quite possibly made the best PSA ever last week to help promote her “Let’s Move” campaign to improve the health of American children.

The Miami Heat were kicking it at the White House last week. LeBron brought the entire crew to be honored by President Obama for winning their second straight NBA championship. The president once again showed he’s by far the coolest president the country has ever had by busting on starting point guard Mario Chalmers. But the First Lady also made a quick video with the team herself which immediately went viral after Let’s Move posted it up on YouTube on Tuesday. The promo video was first shown on Good Morning America.

The PSA starts out with Coach Erik Spoelstra talking to Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen in the White House. Michelle Obama and LeBron James then come in from opposite sides with a nice dual photobomb. Michelle completes the photobomb with a nasty mean mug and then both her and James chomp down on some apples.

The next scene shows Spoelstra and Allen about the benefits of drinking water, while Chris Bosh pops up with a nice photobomb himself drinking a glass of water.

This just sets up the best part of the video. While Spoelstra is talking to Wade and Allen, James comes from behind with a mini hoop and then we see the First Lady bust into the shot with a monster, Air Force One-style dunk posterizing D. Wade. Game, set, and match.

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