MH370 pilot reportedly upset about relationship problems

Zaharie Ahamad Shah,the Captain of flight MH370 reportedly suffered from an emotional breakdown after his wife left him and relationship problems with his mistress.


NSFW    The Malaysian government announced that a French satellite captured a series of photographs on the 23rd. The photos contain 122 potential objects which may belong to flight MH370.

The debris was spotted in the southern Indian Ocean, 2557 kilometers away from Perth. The objects reportedly varied in size from 1 to 23m in length. The debris field is located in an area that the Chinese and Australians have been concentrating search efforts.

Experts believe the debris may have sunken.

Flight captain Zaharie Ahamad Shah remains the top suspect after one of his friends told the New Zealand Herald that Shah was in the wrong state of mind to be flying.

Shah reportedly had emotional breakdown after separating from his wife. Some believe he also was having problems with another mistress he was seeing.

According to a friend,Shah was depressed and he guesses that Shah may have taken MH370 on a “last joyride.” Authorities are hoping to find the black box.
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