Mexico mayor tied to truck and dragged through streets

Locals were mad the mayor didn't fix the roads he promised to do during his campaign.


NSFW    LAS MARGARITAS, MEXICO — A Mexican mayor is probably wishing he never made certain assurances while campaigning after he was tied up and dragged through town for failure to follow through on said assurances.
According to the BBC, mayors and small time politicians in Mexico are usually targeted by gangs for refusing to break the law, but this time the mayor was taken to task for not fulfilling a campaign promise.
BBC reported that Mayor Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández of Las Margaritas had promised to fix up a local road while he was on the campaign trail.
Like most politicians after getting in office, Hernández then failed to fix the street.
Well that didn't sit too well with 11 of his constituents, so they paid a little visit to Hernández at his office, dragged him out and threw him in the back of a pickup.
They then decided to tie the mayor's hands up with a rope and strung him up to the back of the truck.

CCTV footage shows the angry locals then dragging him through the streets of town.
According to the BBC, it took dozens of police to stop the vehicle and rescue the Hernández. Several people were injured in the incident.
The 11 people have now been arrested. The mayor says he plans to press charges too.
Okay, but who's going to fix that road now?
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