Mexican couple have sex inside ATM cash cubicle

The scandalous incident took place at an HSBC ATM in Oaxaca when a heroic Latin lover huffed and puffed in an effort to make a big deposit at the sperm bank.


NSFW    What the Freak?

OAXACA, MEXICO — Customers at a bank in Mexico were forced to stand in line for an ATM machine when a randy couple decided they just couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom.

The scandalous incident took place in the southwestern city of Oaxaca sometime last week, when an horny hombre couldn’t hold back from flicking his lover’s Mexican bean, then plowing into her fish taco and riding her like a bucking burro in a Mexican donkey derby.

Footage of the scene at the HSBC cash machine was uploaded to Twitter by @memocrata.

The video shows customers hoping to make a withdrawal instead treated to a very public lesson in the withdrawal method as our heroic Latin lover huffs and puffs in a valiant effort to make a big deposit at the sperm bank.

The incident took place opposite the headquarters of the local education authority, sparking unverified rumors that the couple were teachers taking a break from strike action.

Educators or not, if these two can teach us anything, it would be how to simply not give a f*ck — even if they didn’t quite manage to provide us with the money shot.
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