Methamphetamine left for waitress instead of tip


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A couple left methamphetamine for the waitress who served them at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse and Sports Lounge in Seaside, Oregon Thursday evening.

Ryan Bensen, 40, and Erica Manley, 37, were dining at the restaurant in the busy beach area when they paid for their bill with a gift card. For reasons never explained, they left an envelope marked with question mark under their receipt, then handed it off to their unnamed server.

The waitress, who was later said to have been surprised that the couple thought she was the sort to use the drug, opened the envelope to find what she believed to be meth inside. She promptly called the police who arrived while the couple were still at their table.

Bensen and Manley were arrested on site and police found 17 ounces of the substance in Maney’s purse.

Police then searched the room at the nearby Holiday Inn Express where the couple had been staying. They found a torch, batteries and other items used in the production of methamphetamine.

The couple has been charged with possession and the manufacture of meth, and Manley has an additional charge of delivery.

The manager of the Twisted Fish, Steve Keszler, indicated that his restaurant was not the usual sort of place such activity. ‘We’re not a little dive bar or hole in the wall. We’re a classy place,’ he said.

Crystal methamphetamine is a synthetic drug which is highly addictive and relatively easy to make using household products, such as cold medicine, drain cleaner and disposable batteries.
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