Medical marijuana dispensaries lobbying to save monopoly on chronic!


NSFW    Washington and Colorado legalized weed for personal use in 2012, effectively calling BS on the medical marijuana states, where “green cards” for “sick people” are advertised in local papers.

Now, with other states looking to go the same direction, “big marijuana” has called on an army of lobbyists and is trying to tip the scales back in direction of just-legal-enough for them to control the market.

As long as medical marijuana stays restricted, the price will remain high, so to speak. If weed were legal and your lazy-ass neighbors had a whole yard full of dank nugs just waiting to be trimmed, it would be the rare weed smoker indeed who would still go through the effort of having a doctor prescribe it for him.

Dispensary lobbyists contend that marijuana should be a controlled product with consistent quality, lest some poor cancer patient wastes valuable time picking through piles of seeds and stems for a morsel of schwag.

Still, if falling prices are what the dispensaries are worried about, then they have a friend in Washington, because the federal government hasn’t given any indication that it plans to reverse the Depression era ban on the proletariat’s leaf. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado even got first dibs on legal weed licenses. More likely, the dispensaries are most afraid of competing with the likes of Pfizer or Philip Morris once weed has the same legal status as ibuprofen or cigarettes. Then, the days of the small independent weed farmer and her coven of polyamorous day laborers will be numbered.
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