Media all in a spin over "polar vortex!"


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Media outlets went nuts for the “Polar Vortex” that gripped parts of North America over the week, with reporters throwing boiling water into the air to watch it freeze instantly and placing wet clothing outside to show how the items turn rock solid frozen in seconds.

But while the media has done its best to sensationalize the great polar vortex, the extreme weather conditions were of course a real problem for millions of people, and even zoo animals.

A polar bear at a Chicago zoo had to be moved inside after temps outside were deemed too frigid for this animal that lives near the North Pole.

An inmate in the U.S. state of Kentucky managed to slip out of a prison early in the week, but found the outside weather conditions too intolerable and turned himself back into prison authorities.

Thousands of flights were cancelled and Canadian cops were called in on Tuesday (January 7) to break up squabbles between stranded passengers at Toronto's Pearson Airport.

One report explained that in parts of Canada’s Manitoba province, temps hit minus 53 degrees celsius. This low contrasted with Tuesday’s high reported on the surface of Mars by the Curiosity Rover, which sent back a reading of minus 29.

Unenlightened or uneducated individuals mocked the idea that “global warming” could be at least partially responsible for the erratic weather conditions, but scientists have consistently explained that “climate change” includes both hotter and colder conditions as the planet’s weather patterns go haywire due--at least in part--to man-made pollutants released into the environment.
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