Meat cleaver thrown through window lands in man's head

A fisherman suffered serious injuries in a freak accident when his cousin threw a meat cleaver out of a window in Cambodia.


NSFW    KAMPONG CHAM, CAMBODIA — A domestic abuse victim was arrested in Cambodia after she threw a meat cleaver that landed on an unfortunate neighbor's head.

It all went down in Kampong Cham province last month when the woman and her husband were involved in a domestic dispute, Metro reported.

The husband slashed at his wife with the cleaver, but she managed to grab it from him and throw it out of the window.

A neighbor, who is also a cousin of the woman, was outside, working on his boat.

The cleaver came flying out of the window and then landed on the poor fisherman's head..

The woman was arrested by the cops, and her cousin was rushed to the hospital.

He suffered serious injuries but was said to be in a stable condition. Doctors didn't remove the cleaver at first, in order to prevent fatal bleeding. They then arranged for the victim to be transferred to a hospital in the capital Phnom Penh.
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