McDonald's paper straws not recyclable says leaked memo

McDonald's UK attempts to go green with paper straws that are not recyclable.


NSFW    LONDON — Mickey D's attempt to go green tanked spectacularly after a leaked memo revealed their new paper straws aren't recyclable.

According to the BBC, the fast food giant axed plastic straws from all it's UK branches last year, which got it many pats on the back for being environmentally responsible.

Customers were made to use paper straws, which ended up being insanely unpopular because they were so annoying to drink out of.

But as it turned out, the much-hated straws weren't even recyclable — at least, not yet. According to an internal McD's memo obtained by The Sun, the paper versions needed to be binned and burned.

Ironically, the old plastic straws were 100% recyclable.

While the chain claims chucking the paper straws is temporary, it seems that was the final straw for customers, who hated the damn things anyway.

The BBC reports that there's now a petition to bring back the plastic straws, signed by over 51,000 customers.

The old plastic straws have been hot on eBay, apparently, with one chap even paying a small fortune for a 100-piece bundle. Crazy!
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