McD's to remove cheeseburger, chocolate milk from Happy Meal

McDonald's is taking cheeseburgers and chocolate milk off its Happy Meal menu, and people pretty much hate it.


NSFW    OAK BROOK, ILLINOIS — McDonald's is attempting to make their Happy Meals 'healthier' and it's making people unhappy.

Bloomberg reports that cheeseburgers and chocolate milk are getting booted off the Happy Meal menu, in a bid to get meals down to 600 calories.

Officially, the listed kids' meal choices are either nuggets or a hamburger. But the cheeseburger will still be available upon request, and the chocolate milk will eventually make a comeback after it's reformulated to have less sugar.

Basically, McDonald's just wants to be able to advertise the Happy Meal as being 'healthy' even though it's just garbage.

Still, some people are shookt. Angry parents are taking offense that McDonald's is trying to tell their kids what they can and can't eat. And then there's those folks who just don't think it's right to take away an iconic fast food offering.

Meanwhile, child obesity rates are soaring in the U.S., but thank god eating and fatness have no correlation.
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