Master thief tries to steal money from ATM, gets trapped by door

CCTV footage from Dongying captured the funny incident on camera.


NSFW    DONGYING, CHINA — A master thief who tried to boost some cash from an ATM almost made a clean getaway if only it weren't for—the door.
According to a Pear Video, CCTV footage from a bank ATM in the Shandong city of Dongying captured a play by play of the finely planned heist on December 17.
In the video, the man is seen walking up to the ATM, as the door closes behind him, which activates an automatic voice welcoming him.
This clearly freaks the man out, which causes him to try and open the door to get out. Let's just say doors aren't this guy's forte.
He fiddles with the pesky lock, but gets nowhere. It must have been made in China.
The man then grabs the lid to the trash can and proceeds to smash it into the door with Hulk-like strength.
When that doesn't work, he turns his focus to the ATM screen and starts to pound on it with the metal lid.
He wasn't able to get the door open, or any money out of the machine, but he did succeed in setting off an alarm.
Genius eventually got the door, but by that time, the cops had already shown up and promptly arrested him—DOH.
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