Massive sinkhole opens up on farm in New Zealand

A huge, six story deep sinkhole opened up in New Zealand.


NSFW    ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND — A massive sinkhole has opened up on a dairy farm in New Zealand, exposing 60,000-year-old volcanic rock deposits.

The sinkhole appeared after several days of heavy rainfall on a farm near the North Island town of Rotorua, according to CBS News.
Experts say rains dissolved underground limestone over thousands of years, which eventually caused the ground to collapse and form the canyon.

The sinkhole is 20 meters deep, roughly six stories, and around 220 meters long, about the length of two soccer fields.

Volcanologist Brad Scott told TVNZ that the fissure appeared on the crater of a long-dormant volcano.

Scott said the deposits at the bottom of the sinkhole were the original 60,000-year-old volcanic deposits that came out of the crater.
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