Massive fatberg causing sewers to overflow in Baltimore

A big old fatberg is clogging up sewers in Baltimore.


NSFW    BALTIMORE — A massively disgusting fatberg has been found lurking in the sewers of Baltimore.

The lump of congealed fat, wet wipes and other stuff you shouldn't flush down the toilet is growing and causing sewers to overflow.

The Baltimore Department of Public Works said on Monday that it discovered the monstrosity earlier this month between Baltimore Penn Station and the 1700 block of Charles Street, the Baltimore Sun reported.

So far, the fatberg has been responsible for a dry weather sewer outflow that discharged 1.2 millions gallons of sewage into the Jones Falls.

The fatberg has mostly been scraped off and transported to a landfill.

Apparently B-more has quite a few fatbergs lying around its sewers, although the other ones are smaller in size.
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