Massive bubble of hot rock rising under New England

Rutgers University researchers have detected a huge mass of hot rock underneath New England.


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Idyllic New England could eventually become a hotbed of volcanic activity, after scientists find a huge bubble of hot rock beneath the region.

Using data from earthquake measurement devices, Rutgers University researchers analyzed the speed and direction of seismic waves to visualize subsurface conditions.

According to a university press release, they detected a massive upwelling of hot rock under Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, after noticing the area was noticeably hotter than neighboring regions.

Though the hot mass is slowly and steadily rising, it will take millions of years before it reaches the surface and reshapes the area's geography or create a volcano.

Scientists say what's happening in New England may be similar to the onset of the Yellowstone supervolcano.

It emphasizes how intricate and dynamic the Earth's subsurface features are, and definitely warrants further study.
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