Massive alligator saunters onto South Carolina golf course

The 12-foot reptile casually strolled onto Fripp Island golf course in South Carolina last week. Staff were on hand to film the reptile’s lazy stroll.


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FRIPP ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA — Last week golfers at a popular South Carolina resort got a surprising guest in the form of a 12-foot long American Alligator.

According to Facebook post by the Fripp Island Activity Center, the alligator sauntered onto the golf course last Tuesday evening. He was apparently less concerned about the nearby deer and people, and more focused on getting to another pond.

This footage was shot by the island’s naturalist Jessica Miller. The resort says she was accompanied by a security team and was 30-feet away while shooting it.

A closer look at the Facebook comments reveals that this isn’t the first time the reptile has been been spotted. User Charles Heyman claims to have spotted the him two weeks prior on the same fairway. The resort says he’s lived in the area for years.

“If you ever see a gator travelling out of water, stay back and let him continue his journey,” notes the Fripp Island Activity center in a Facebook post accompanying the video. “It's amazing to be able to observe and coexist with these ancient giants, and respect is key.”
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