Massachusetts man shoots wife, drives her to hospital and then shoots himself


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A man committed suicide outside the Springfield Massachusetts Baystate Medical Center in the early morning hours of Wednesday (February 19).

Police say the incident began after an argument between a husband and wife that took place inside their car.

Authorities say the man shot his wife and then drove her to the emergency room at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, left her in the care of doctors and then returned to his car and locking himself inside.

After a five-hour stand-off during which police attempted to convince the man to exit the vehicle and surrender, the man fatally shot himself in the head.

No hospital patients or staff were hurt during the five-hour ordeal, and no shots were fired by police.

A police spokesperson said the case appeared to be a straightforward one, with a simple domestic dispute turning fatal in West Springfield, Massachusetts on Wednesday.

The couple had apparently gotten into an argument while traveling in their car and the 52-year-old man, who was driving, at some point in the altercation, shot his wife.

He drove her to a hospital but then immediately locked himself in his car and put a gun to his head.

Police say they tried their best to resolve the situation without loss of life, but after a five-hour standoff, the husband he pulled the trigger and died from gunshot wound to the head.

The wife is reported to be in stable condition and a police spokesperson said she’s expected to recover.
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