Mary and Jesus given god awful Spanish restoration

Mary and Jesus given quite the colorful restoration in Spain.


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RANADORIO, SPAIN — It appears the hand of god has blessed an amatuer painter with the gift of restoration in Spain after she colorfully touched up three 15-Century statues.
The wooden statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, the Virgin and Jesus with St. Anne and St. Peter at a small church in Rañadorio were given quite a divine makeover, The Guardian reports.
Apparently, one of the local residents thought the statues looked a bit drab, so she got permission from the parish priest to have a crack at them over the summer.
Local shopkeeper María Luisa Menéndez told publication El Comercio, "I'm not a professional painter, but I've always enjoyed it, and these images really were in need of painting."
Okay, maybe Menéndez might have gotten a bit carried away, but it's probably historically accurate that the Virgin Mary had turquoise hair.
Experts aren't sure if the colorful paint can be removed, and the original polychrome paint recovered, the New York Times reports.
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