Mars is making flat Maltesers, and no one's happy

Mars might be changing the shape of Maltesers from round balls to flat oval-shaped buttons.


NSFW    LONDON — Fan-favorite Maltesers might be getting an unappetizing makeover, because nothing is sacred anymore.

The Sun reports that Mars apparently wants to fight falling sales by turning the malted chocolate balls into flat oval-shaped buttons. How that's going to solve things is anyone's guess.

The depressing news got leaked to the paper by someone who auditioned for a new online ad. While acting out a scene, he and some other actors were told the maltesers they'd be holding would be flat.

None of them thought flat maltesers were a good idea, probably because it isn't. You'll bet fans will riot if the change ever goes through.

So unless it's to put in more balls per bag, Mars better leave Maltesers alone.
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