Mark Ruffalo on the time he unwittingly smoked pot onstage


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The Avengers star Mark Ruffalo recounted how he was accidentally pranked into smoking a joint in front of a live audience in an under-the-radar interview on the Graham Norton Show from last year that has now gone viral.

Ruffalo revealed on the British talk show that a mischievous fellow actor had switched a prop joint for a bonafide blunt on the opening night of the unnamed play.

“There was a play that I did where I smoked a joint in the first scene,” said Ruffalo." "And of course there was a very naughty young actor that I was in the play with who, on the opening night with all of the critics, he slipped a real joint onto the prop table. And I’m out there — now, when you’re acting, you overdo everything. So, when you’re out at a party, you take two puffs and say that’s enough, ‘I’m so stoned.’”

To make things even worse, the actress with whom he shared the spliff had never smoked pot before.

The actor claims he only realized he was smoking a real joint when he saw the prankster laughing backstage.

The marijuana proved to performance-enhancing for Ruffalo, who said his drug-fueled acting led to a fair bit of acclaim.

“At the end of the play,” he said, laughing, “I got the best reviews of my entire career.”
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