Marijuana Legalization 2012 introduces premium pot! Alright!


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Former Microsoft manager, Jamin Shively plans on launching a 'Premium Marijuana' business in Washington. Shively hopes to become the 'Bill Gates of bud' by pioneering the pot industry.

After six years as a corporate strategy manager with Microsoft, Jamin Shively left the corporation for greener pastures. Three years later, he decided to get into the "premium marijuana" business.

This may not surprise you, but Shively came up with the idea "after a few bong hits." Shively sees great potential in the marijuana industry now that certain states, including Washington and Colorado, have legalized marijuana after the November elections.

He wants to be the top "brand" in the marijuana industry. "By creating the category of premium marijuana, we want to position it similar to a fine cognac, a fine brandy, a fine cigar," says Shively.

Shively's timing is on point, considering Initiative 502 goes into effect on December 6th in Washington. This means adults 21 and older can have up to an an ounce of marijuana in their possession legally. Even though it is legal in Washington, it is still a controlled substance by the federal government. Shively plans to work with the state and federal government, vowing to wait to open up shop until it's "sufficiently legal".
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