Manholes in China spew mysterious white foam

The mystery foam covered 200 meters of the city's street.


NSFW    XI'AN, CHINA — Streets in Xi'an China were flooded with a mysterious foam that didn't seem to stop spewing out of manholes, leaving people perplexed and disgusted, reports China news site The Paper.

The sewage snow began oozing out of underground pipes on Tuesday afternoon coating 200 meters of the city's street.

Videos show workers attempting to wash out the foam, only to see it bubble out of the manholes immediately after.

They kept washing the foam until it was completely cleaned up by road washing trucks in the evening.

Concerned residents claimed the street was left with a pungent smell but the following day authorities announced the foam was a result of an agent used in construction by a neighboring concrete company and that it was harmless to humans.

Some netizens found the whole incident comical, one brought the foam to life saying, "Hello, I am just super efficient clothes detergent, don't be afraid!"

Others were more skeptical of the local authorities' diagnosis, one netizen said, "If it is safe for the environment and health, why don't experts try eating it?" Now that would be an interesting experiment.
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