Man with mosquito-killing farts hired to create insect repellant

A man in Uganda who says his gas knocks out mosquitoes claims he's been hired by companies to create a new repellant.


NSFW    KAMPALA, UGANDA — Who needs bug spray when you can just toot to make the mosquitoes go away?

A Ugandan man called Joe Rwamirama is claiming he lets out farts that can kill mosquitoes.

The toxic toots are supposedly lethal only to bugs, not people. Best not to take chances though.

The 48-year-old told the Talk of Naija that he doesn't eat anything special, bathes daily and doesn't stink. But for some reason, the mosquitoes can't stand to even lay a foot on him.

Must be nice to not know what a mosquito bite feels like.

His unusual attribute is pretty famous in his village, where he says no one has ever gotten malaria. Why? Because his gas is so potent and far reaching, it apparently knocks out flying insects over a six-mile radius.

What?! Larger than the Hiroshima bomb fallout?!

Joe further claims he's been signed on by two companies who want to study his intestinal gas and harness its bug-repelling properties. He won't say which companies, though, only that they're paying him 'millions' according to the Daily Mirror.

We're a little skeptical, but who knows, we could be seeing bug spray bottles with Joe's face on them in the not too distant future.

Toot on, Joe, toot on.
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