Man who went missing in NY somehow ended up in California

And he has no memory of how he got there.


NSFW    NEW YORK — A 49-year-old Canadian firefighter who was skiing in New York went missing, only to be found six days later in Sacramento.

Constantinos "Danny" Filippidis went missing on Feb. 7 while he was reportedly on an annual skiing trip at Whiteface Mountain with his colleagues. According to reports, his friends said Filippidis said he wanted to go one one last ski run that day, but he never returned.

This prompted a frantic search for Filippidis that included a helicopter, K-9 units and up to 140 people trekking through the snowy mountains in hopes of finding him.

Filippidis reportedly later bought and iPhone, which he used to call his wife, addressing her by her nickname. She recognized his voice and urged him to call the police.

Authorities eventually found Filippidis at the Sacramento Airport, reportedly still in his ski clothes. Officials say Filippidis seemed to be confused and wasn't able to give them direct answers.

He said he didn't remember much, but felt he may have suffered a head injury. He also mentioned that he had been riding in a big rig-style truck, and also spent a lot of time sleeping. At one point he also apparently got a haircut.

Authorities have distributed a picture of Filippidis that was taken in California, in the hopes that people who recognize him can help them figure out what happened to him in the six days that he went missing.
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