Man wearing clown makeup and bladed gloves kills homeless man

After threatening the homeless man, the violent clown reportedly swung at him while wearing a glove with 2-3 inch blades on each finger.


NSFW    DENVER — An unsuspecting homeless man was the victim of a clown-faced killer who wore knives for hands.

Around 1 a.m. on May 23, Brian Lucero, 29, was seen outside a convenience store, when a man with white clown makeup approached him. According to police, the strange man was wearing a glove with 2-3 inch blades attached to each finger, reminiscent of famed 80s horror movie character, Freddy Krueger.

After threatening Lucero, the oddball reportedly took a swing at him with his sharp-tipped fist, and began beating him down. Lucero managed to escape momentarily, but the clown caught up to him outside a Torchy’s Tacos restaurant. Lucero was found with a stab wound to the throat, which he later died from. Surveillance cameras caught his killer fleeing the scene on a scooter.

Police were quick to arrest Christian Lee Gulzow, 36, who was found nearby, covered in blood. Gulzow claims he was only trying to retrieve his scooter from Lucero, and did not realize he’d stabbed the man half to death.

Gulzow has been charged with first degree murder.
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