Man videoed defecating on Singapore street in broad daylight

A creature of unspeakable vileness has defecated on a Singapore street, in broad daylight. Can you help identify him?


NSFW    SINGAPORE — A video circulating on Whatsapp this week shows in way too much detail a man going to the bathroom … in broad daylight … on a Singapore street.

It’s unclear when exactly this video was recorded, but the licence plate of the car locates the scene of this atrocity in the lion city. We can’t be sure the man is a Singaporean citizen, however.

The disgusting video really does speak for itself, but for for your reading pleasure, here’s a blow-by-blow:

First we are confronted with the spectacle of a grown man’s ass as its owner stands beside the open driver-side door. Slowly his rear orifice births a brown log which he lets fall to the road, before wiping the area with a fistful of tissues, which he also drops.

He then pulls up his shorts while a tissue, bizarrely, horribly, remains stuck to his behind.

He then returns to his seat to presumably flee the crime scene.

This guy is worse than an animal; at least dogs kick some dirt over their turds.

In Singapore, certain crimes are punishable by flogging. We sincerely hope this creature is caught.
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