Man tries to sneak tortoise pastries though airport

A 69-year-old German man was trying to smuggle them in from Egypt.


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BERLIN — A man tried to sneak three tortoises into Germany by trying to pass them off as a bunch of pastries—let's just say it was a turtle disaster.
According to the Potsdam main customs office, officials stopped the 69-year-old man on March 2, who had just arrived from Cairo, Egypt at Schönefeld Airport in Berlin.
According to the Local, it appears the man wanted to leave the security area without declaring anything, but when customs officers shell-ected to look at his bag, they found something peculiar.
Customs officials discovered what looked like a box of pastries, or that's what the box said at least.
When officers asked the man what they were, he said it was chocolate.
However, the authorities were shell shocked when they found three Moroccan tortoises inside instead.
Since the animals are protected by the Convention on International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, they were confiscated.
The customs office said further investigations will be carried out by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.
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