Man tries to retrieve Snoopy toy, gets arm stuck in claw machine

A man in southern Taiwan got his arm stuck inside a claw machine while trying to retrieve a Snoopy doll.


NSFW    TAINAN, TAIWAN — A man in Tainan grabbed the spotlight after finding himself in a pretty tight spot while attempting to retrieve his claw machine winnings.

According to UDN, the man, surnamed Tu, got lucky with a claw machine and was about to be rewarded with a big old stuffed Snoopy. Unfortunately, Snoopy was too big to make it all the way down the chute.

Tu called the arcade owner, and got him to agree to let him take matters into his own hands, literally, by reaching up into the hatch. It didn't go well.

A couple of cops who happened to be nearby found him lying on the floor with his arm stuck in the machine.

The cops had called firefighters to help extract Snoopy and friend, but the arcade owner soon arrived and unlocked the machine. Tu's arm had some contusions and redness, but it wasn't serious enough to warrant a hospital visit.

The grabber machine owner also confirmed to police that he saw Tu's win on video, and got a call from him asking for permission to manually extract the toy, so no charges were filed.

A grown man going through that much effort for a Snoopy doll may be kind of embarrassing, but hey, it could have been worse.

At least the dude didn't get stuck in a machine that was giving out adult stuff, which apparently is pretty common in Taiwan.
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