Man tinkling off bridge causes injuries on Berlin tour boat

Several tourists in Berlin seriously hurt their heads after a jerk started sprinkling his golden showers all over their tour boat.


NSFW    BERLIN — Several people were hurt after a tinkle-happy man in Germany relieved himself off a bridge, right onto a boatload of tourists.

According to the Berlin Fire Department, the Friday night incident began after an unidentified man went for a wee from the 4-meter-high Jannowitz Bridge, just as a tour boat passed underneath.

The golden showers triggered a commotion on the boat, causing people to jump up and hit their heads on the underside of the low lying bridge.

Four people got lacerations on their heads and had to be taken to the hospital.

The Independent reports that the three women and one old man were discharged after receiving treatment.

Police, meanwhile, are still on the lookout for the bridge tinkler, according to the DW, but have already filed charges against him and his "abnormal behavior."
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